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Top Ten Reasons to Consider CNG Fuel Vehicles In 2017

Posted by Shayna Johnson on Mar 14, 2017 11:20:00 AM

Top Ten Reasons to Consider CNG Fuel Vehicles In 2017
Will 2017 be the year of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) vehicles?  It seems increasingly likely.  The list of reasons to invest in CNG fuel vehicles is growing every day, and the downsides are becoming ever-fewer. Here are some of the Benefits of Choosing CNG Fuel Vehicles:

  1. Low gasoline prices won't last forever.  The currently-low prices are mostly due to geo-politics, not supply increases.  When OPEC and other oil-producing nations tire of their trade war, prices could go up rapidly.
  2. CNG is more readily available.  Compressed Natural Gas is spread fairly evenly around the world and generally requires less effort to obtain than crude oil.  Low prices on CNG will likely remain stable.
  3. Pure price savings.  Depending on local prices, CNG is up to 50% less expensive than gasoline on a per-mile basis.  These savings can be extended by buying in bulk and installing your own fueling station.
  4. Easy-pass emissions standards.  Since CNG is far less polluting than gasoline, CNG fuel vehicles pass even the strictest of local environmental regulations with ease. Fueling stations are becoming more common.  Previously one of the biggest arguments against CNG was lack of fueling stations, but there are now hundreds of CNG fuel stations across the US with more being installed every month.  
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Frequently Asked Questions About Compressed Natural Gas and CNG Vehicles Answered

Posted by Shayna Johnson on Feb 27, 2017 11:30:00 AM

Frequently Asked Questions About Compressed Natural Gas and CNG Vehicles Answered

Compressed Natural Gas VehiclesFrequently Asked Questions About Compressed Natural Gas and CNG Vehicles Answered

It’s no surprise that many organizations approach the possibility of converting a fleet to utilize compressed natural gas (CNG) with some trepidation. Doing so can be a major expenditure for a large fleet - although not nearly as expensive as buying new vehicles - and many new customers are unfamiliar with the technology.

Since we often hear many of the same questions at Green Alternative Systems, we wanted to address some of the most common inquiries we get regarding CNG vehicles and conversions.Tweet US

FAQs About Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles:

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The Ford E450 Chassis from GAS Meets California CARB Standards

Posted by Shayna Johnson on Feb 13, 2017 12:50:00 PM

The Ford E450 Chassis from Green Alternative Systems CNG Shuttle Meets the Strict California CARB Standards

For years, California has led the way in clean-air and environmental standards.  As a center of production and Steve 008-1-743712-edited.jpgtechnological innovation for decades, California has experienced firsthand the problems associated with global warming and pollution... but it also put the state in a perfect position to take the lead in advancing new ideas in clean living like CNG shuttles and other vehicles.

"California is now pushing towards a target of 80% emissions reductions by 2050"Click to tweet - a bold plan that, if successful in hitting its milestones, could blaze the trail for other states and countries to follow.  As a result, the clean-air standards set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) are the strictest in the nation.  

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The Advantages of Fuel Conversions & How they can Improve your Overall Budget & the Planet

Posted by Shayna Johnson on Jan 25, 2017 2:00:00 PM

Why We Love Green Alternative Gas & You Should Too!

Alternative fuel conversions aren't just our business, they're also our passion at Green Alternative Systems.

Buses Should be Your Primary Mode of Transportation-3.pngWithout exaggerating, it's safe to say that one of the most pressing problems facing the world today is how to keep our ever-expanding transportation lines running smoothly, without relying on rapidly-depleting fuels that harm the environment. 

From public transportation to food shipments, to intercontinental flights, there are more vehicles traveling the globe than ever before.

There is also no doubt that we need those vehicles to sustain our current global society and economy. They allow farmers to feed the world, allow everyone to benefit from time-saving electronics, and allow people everywhere to travel and trade ideas like never before. To lose those transportation systems would mean regressing backward by centuries. But we can't ruin the planet in the process.  

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5 Signs It's Time to Consider Propane or CNG Vehicles

Posted by Shayna Johnson on Jan 18, 2017 1:30:00 PM

Why you should invest in alternative fuels: 5 Signs It's Time to Consider Propane or CNG Vehicles

SFO04.jpgCompressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Propane are both quickly becoming the most popular alternative fuel sources in America and it's not hard to see why. There are abundant natural gas and propane resources within the United States, estimated to last for nearly a century at least.

Plus, initiatives researching biogas manufactured from waste could significantly augment and extend those natural gas reserves.

While propane and CNG vehicles won't be the last word in clean-energy propulsion, they're still an important step towards fuel systems that are sustainable throughout the 21st Century and less harmful to the planet than gasoline. 2017 is going to see plenty of organizations moving towards alternative fuels. Perhaps it's time to be among them…

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